You love these movies, but would never admit it to your friends – it would be like saying you listen to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips alone… in the shower. Think of this list as a way of realizing that you are not alone in your love for these all-time classics.

10. Big Trouble in Little China

Why you love it: Kim Catrall and Kurt Russel are so young they’re almost unrecognizable in this film (and they both look pretty good). This movie has special effects, mythology and martial arts in one – the complete action movie package. It’s nice getting a small glimpse of what San Francisco was like the the 1980s.

Why you’ll never admit it: In general, it is no longer socially acceptable to admit you like a Kurt Russel movie. And the special effects are so dated that the “monsters” all look like they’re made out of paper mache. The martial arts sequences make Ralph Macchio look like Jet Li.

9. Hitch

Why you love it: Will Smith and Eva Mendes have chemistry! Also, everyone loves to watch a womanizer go down and be exposed for who he really is (kind of like Tom Cruise in Magnolia). Will Smith is one of the most unheralded male romantic comedy leads in the biz.

Why you’ll never admit it: Predictable plot with a so-so performance by Kevin James make Hitch only borderline-acceptable to like publicly. Also, the whole Kevin James plotline is pretty much not believable at all.

8. With Honors

Why you love it: A younger Brendan Fraser and Patrick Dempsey charm the pants off of everyone, and Joe Pesci delivers a solid performance (Moira Kelly makes the list again). Who doesn’t like movies about preppy kids (think “School Ties”)?

Why you’ll never admit it: Cheesy plot, with a cheesier soundtrack featuring Madonna’s “I’ll Remember”. It’s more socially acceptable to name Reality Bites as a movie you like in this genre. And if you’re naming a Brendan Fraser classic, he is much better in School Ties than he is in this one.

7. She’s All That

Why you love it: Every guy on the planet fell in love with Rachael Leigh Cook after this movie, and every girl fell in love with Freddie Prinze. This is another wrong side of the tracks vs. right side of the tracks tale that’s co-mingled with geek vs. cool-kid (and somehow works).

Why you’ll never admit it: High-school themed movies, unless you’re talking about Bueller, Breakfast Club, or any John Hughes movie, this genre is in no way “cool” to like. The acting is generally terrible, the plot-lines were all the same (and horrible) and the actors and actresses all look at least 5-7 years out of high school.

6. Save the Last Dance

Why you love it: Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas have real chemistry in this movie. A lot of different plots are combined in this, but somehow, they come together (boy meets girl, wrong side of the tracks vs. right side, interracial love, good vs. evil).

Why you’ll never admit it: Admitting you like this movie is almost equivalent to saying you like Step Up with Channing Tatum. Dance movies are always taboo, and you’d serve yourself well to not admit you like this one in public.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Why you love it: Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are both extremely charming in this movie (did I just say that?). The plot, at the time, was at least slightly innovative for a romantic comedy. Sometimes what you want is just out of your reach… sigh. Julia Roberts is always at her best in movies like this (see: Notting Hill).

Why you’ll never admit it: You can predict the plot points in this movie, and almost write the script yourself after watching for about 15 minutes. The musical sequences are a bit over the top, and are definitively cheesy.

4. Blue Crush

Why you love it: Gorgeous cast (half clothed for most of the movie), with a boy-meets girl plot that almost anyone would fall for. This movie has all of the basic building blocks necessary to be likable, but the cast makes it lovable.

Why you’ll never admit it: If you’re a guy and you admit to watching this, women will automatically dismiss you as creepy (“yeah, I’m sure you watched it for the plot”). If you’re a woman and you admit to liking this movie, you can never again say you also enjoyed “Emma” (or any other Jane Austen book-turned-flick).

3. Crossroads

Why you love it: Britney Spears in her prime was a behemoth. Every guy in America was in love with her, and every young girl wanted to be like her. Her debut movie was so anticipated there were lines pouring out of movie theaters. Also, Zoe Saldana was in this movie, which is never a bad thing.

Why you’ll never admit it: The movie itself was just awful (not that I watched it!). Britney has not since performed in a lead role in any movie. Simplistic, formulaic plot with a co-star named Anson Mount. Enough said.

2. The Fast and the Furious

Why you love it: Fast cars, a good looking cast and good triumphing over evil are always good things. As far as action franchises go, there is a reason the Fast and the Furious is still around – formulas work.

Why you’ll never admit it: Paul Walker and Vin Diesel demonstrate zero acting ability in this movie, and Michelle Rodriguez plays herself (as usual). Admitting that you like this movie is the equivalent of saying the studios control your mind.

1. The Cutting Edge

Why you love it: This movie has it all… for men: a rough-neck hockey player who his past his prime and melts an ice princess. For women: a handsome hockey player who melts Moira Kelly’s heart. And for all: an odd couple putting their differences aside to overcome adversity.

Why you’ll never admit it: Most folks would never admit to liking a romantic comedy starring a couple of b-list actors who are no longer on anyone’s radar. The plot is so simple a sixth grader could have written it.