Trends come and go, and with the success of Twilight, True Blood, and many more, the vampire genre is in full bloom. But werewolves haven’t been as crassly exploited. Part of this has to do with The Wolfman - starring Benecio Del Toro - not doing that well at the box office. That was a troubled production as Mark Romanek left it at the last minute, only to be replaced by Joe Johnston. Moviehole is reporting that Universal is now taking what would have been the sequel’s script and spinning it off into a new production.

Werewolf cinema hit its modern apex in the beginning of the 1980′s when John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London and Joe Dante’s The Howling showed how practical effects could make a werewolf transformation more interesting than the disolves used in 1940′s versions. since then we’ve seen more CGI-based transformations that have none of the impact of those films.It was funny watching the Oscars this year, where when they were showing clips for best makeup, The Wolfman clips were heavy on CGI (even though Rick Baker still won).

That said, werewolves are a great subgenre of horror cinema, and the more werewolf films, the better. Little is known about this other than its starting point, so it could be anything, though that it’s based on the sequel script hopefully means we won’t have to go through another origin tale.

Should I have made a Teen Wolf Too joke?