This week we’re back with our guys in suits, “Franklin & Bash.” It seems like we’re developing a trend with this show of ridiculous opening scenes. More than anything though, I think this show will praised for being a bromance. There’s so many shows about girlfriends out there (both reality and scripted), it’s nice to see that guys also have friends. With that in mind, let’s begin our take on this week’s episode of “Franklin & Bash.”

The Players:

Episode Title: “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”

Franklin and Bash defend a woman charged with murdering her husband with sex. Sensing that either the judge or the jury is in on the take, the guys use unorthodox tactics to get justice for their client.

The Good:

  • Peter Bash: Bash is quite the scene-stealer. So far he’s proving to be the favorite from the duo, and it’s all thanks to Gosselaar. Even if he’s showing off his ridiculous six-pack or running around with boxers, my attention is on his dialogue. He’s got a way with words, and he’s very enjoyable to watch.
  • Stanton Infeld’s speeches: Infeld has some of the best speeches this week. Thankfully, McDowell knows how to deliver those good speeches that are written out for him. In the wrong hands, even the best speech would be a disaster (I think The King’s Speech showed us that). Seriously, watching McDowell recite is like watching President Obama give a speech. He’s just really good!
  • Jokes galore: In last week’s review, I kept wondering if “Franklin & Bash” would be a show of summer fun, and after this week’s episode, my verdict is in — “Franklin & Bash” is full of summer fun. There’s so many jokes and great one-liners that I found myself rewinding the TiVo just so I could laugh again.
  • Twist: In this episode, the firm takes on a case that you’ve probably seen on some other legal/cop show. It’s the one where a beautiful wife is trying to prove that she didn’t kill her ancient husband. However, there’s an epic and hilarious twist, that it makes the whole cliched plot line fade into the background.

The So-So:

  • Detective work: There’s some detective work done during this episode, and I’m not sure it belongs in here. It was distracting and it seemed like the detective work, or sub-storyline, was added to fill in the gaps of time.


At first glance, this episode seemed like it was going to be about defending an “innocent” beautiful wife who was being accused of killing her husband. That plot line is so overused and just plain boring, but “Franklin & Bash” put a good spin on it, making the episode refreshing and very entertaining.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Franklin & Bash” airs every Wednesday night on TNT!

What did you think of last night’s episode?