Via Online Movie Slut After last weekend’s solid – but not record-breaking – debut from X-Men:First Class, this weekend J.J Abrams and Steve Spielberg hope to have enough juice to get the top box office spot with Super 8. Both will be battling it out with new release Judy Moody, and holiday leftovers Kung Fu Panda 2, The Hangover 2.

J.J Abrams, known for his hit  shows Lost and Alias, brings Super 8, with geek credentials: It’s produced by Steven Spielberg, and starts with the Amblin logo. Super 8‘s marketing campaign has gone to great lengths to create similar intrigue to Abrams’ previous produced Lost and Cloverfield, and the mystery and the film’s alien will only be unveiled to those who plunk down money.  Abrams had modest success  with his first foray into movies (Mission Impossible 3), though it was considered a slight disappointment, while his produced Cloverfield opened big but had no legs, while Star Trek was a strong success and had long legs. Super 8 should come close to the opening weekend box office of Cloverfield – the marketing campaigns have been similar, while Spielberg’s name should help rope in adult movie-goers. Legs could be iffy, but Super 8 should open to #1.

X-Men: First Class will attempt to hold on to the #1 spot this weekend. Weekday grosses have been solid, which indicates a positive audience reaction.  Though Super 8 will take away some of X-Men‘s audience, it might not be a huge chunk – some audiences may have been waiting for word of mouth after the last two X-Men films. Look for X-Men:First Class to drop #2 this weekend, but it could be close. The Hangover 2 should see it’s grosses sliced in half once again to come in at the # 3 spot, with Kung Fu Panda 2 sliding to # 4.

After weeks of coming in behind POTC:On Strangers Tide, Bridesmaids should finally overtake POTC:On Strangers Tide to come in at the #5 spot, with On Strangers Tide finally leaving the top 5.

The Top Ten:

  1. Super 8- Our Prediction- $30-35M Opening Weekend Box Office.
  2. X-Men: First Class-Our Prediction-$25-28M Weekend Box Office
  3. The Hangover 2- Our Prediction- $15M Weekend Box Office
  4. Kung Fu Panda 2-Our Prediction-$13M Weekend Box Office
  5. Bridesmaids- Our Prediction $8-9M Weekend Box Office
  6. POTC: On Strangers Tide-Our Prediction-$7-8M Weekend Box Office
  7. Judy Moody- Our Predictions- $5-6M Weekend Box Office
  8. Midnight In Paris-Our Prediction- $3.5-4M Weekend Box Office
  9. Thor-Our Prediction- $2.5M Weekend Box Office
  10. Fast Five- Our Prediction- $2M Weekend Box Office

What’s your priority this weekend?