Because George Lucas and Steven Spielberg didn’t completely destroy all of the public goodwill directed towards the character of Indiana Jones with the utterly atrocious Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it appears that there may be a fifth film starring the ever-adventurous Dr. Jones, at least according to Crystal Skull costar Shia LaBeouf, so says the AV Club:

“I talked to Harrison, he said he’s staying in the gym, he said he’s heard no word, but he does know that George [Lucas] is out there looking for a MacGuffin. He said he’s staying in the gym, so it means, you know, it’s not so far off.”

So as long as Ford keeps himself in a gym to stay relatively well-muscled (in that leathery old guy kind of way),  the torch stays lit for the fact that Lucas and Spielberg, despite both having more money than, well, anybody,  are returning to the well to create more nostalgia-ravaging crap to kidnap our childhood hero’s and hijack them for even further financial gain and even further critical disappointment.  Also, it appears that this is part of a long-reaching plan on behalf of Hollywood’s power-players (including Michael Bay) to somehow bestow fame and wealth onto Shia LaBewhatever.  It’s diabolical, I tell you—simply diabolical.

What do you think of the Indiana Jones 5 news?