Hey, remember the movie Salt? It starred Angelina Jolie as a secret agent who was put under investigation by her own people because she may be a sleeper agent or something? It was written by Kurt Wimmer, and directed by Phillip Noyce, and played like a throwback to the heyday of mid-90′s action. Clancy-esque, reversals on reversals, it manages to make over $100 at the domestic box office, and now Sony has Wimmer writing a sequel, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Not to give anything away, but at the end of the first Salt, it’s not as if there’s more story to tell, so the idea of a sequel presents a number of opportunities – first and foremost: more spy adventures. If this is to be Jolie as Bond, that’s a great idea because it wouldn’t have to embrace the camp of – say – Charlies Angels. The problem is if they try to follow the Bourne template a little too much.

Perhaps the film moved better on home video than it did theatrically, because the first wasn’t exactly cheap, and doing close to $120 Million on a $110 budget isn’t a great success. But Angelina Jolie is a star without a franchise (she walked away from a Wanted sequel) and she seems comfortable playing a butt-kicker. It should also be noted – as we often say around here – getting a script written is usually the cheapest part of movie making. If we hear more in the next couple months that’s a good sign for this, but if Jolie doesn’t like the script it’s DOA.

Did you like Salt?