Comic book nerds, begin thy frothing at the mouth—in addition to having just about every single DC and Marvel comic book property adapted into multi-platform film franchises (for the love of God, even Ant-Man is getting a movie), you now may be able to star in your own comic book reality TV show.  If you live in New Jersey.  And if you shop at Kevin Smith’s comic book store, The Secret Stash.  And if you don’t mind airing on AMC.  And if you don’t mind, you know, appearing kinda dorky for arguing as to whether or not the Avengers Tower or Avengers Mansion is a better hideout for our favorite group of superheroes (I swear, I swear, I swear that I had to look that up to make the reference).

According to the AV Club, Kevin Smith is indeed launching a reality TV show centered around his comic book store (which is kind of a nice commercial for the business, no?), “that will follow the day-to-day lives and naturally quippy, pop culture-referencing dialogues of employees and customers inside his New Jersey comic book store, The Secret Stash… And today Smith revealed on Twitter that he already had a network lined up to air the thing in AMC, an announcement that was later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve some Spider-Man tights I need to be fitted for, and this plane ticket to Red Bank ain’t gonna buy itself.

What do you think of the new reality show?