So it’s down to this. At the MTV movie awards (or as it’s become… the Twilight movie awards) the new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiered. Reactions around the web are going to be intensely partisan (witness the hysterics!), but – as it is no secret to those who’ve read the book -  the fourth entry in the franchise has Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) getting married (which doesn’t make Taylor Lautner‘s Jacob all too happy). Now there’s a trailer. It features bed-breaking-sex. No, really…

It’s easy to kick the wheels on this franchise, but it’s worth noting that Oscar winner Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Gods and Monsters) is the director and as an award winning screenwriter, he likely had a lot of input on this film. Not to knock on any of the previous directors, but Condon’s the most accomplished and respected.

At the same time, the trailer features a shot of the martial bed being broke. This sort of heightened passion is a bit much for the PG-13 franchise, but that’s exciting. For those who’ve read the books or the summaries, the original story goes in some… interesting directions, regarding sex acts and pregnancies, and C-sections, and imprinting. As a film fan, I would love Condon to take this to some sort of Douglas Sirk level of intensity, real melodrama, which seems one of the core appeals of the material.The first opens in November, 2011, the second half comes in the fall of 2012.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?