Out in theaters now in theaters is the charmingly sweet and original romantic comedy Beginners with Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Mélanie Laurent with some of the best performances and well packaged film out in theaters now…

The Players:

  • Director/Writers: Mike Mills
  • Actors: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Mélanie Laurent
  • Original Music by: Roger Neill, Dave Palmer, Brian Reitzell
  • Cinematography by: Kasper Tuxen

The Plot:

Oliver (McGregor) is struggling through his life when his mother dies and his father comes out of the closet. He is trying to figure out who he is when he falls in love with a young girl.

The Good:

  • The Good Kind of Cute: Sometimes cute gets a bad rep and rightly so, often people/films strive to be cute and in doing so become extremely desperate and obvious. But when underplayed in the right way it gives the film a kind of subtle charm that oozes under your skin and gives the film a depth that is rarely seen on the big screen.
  • Relationships: All of the relationships in this film have a realistic quality to them that make them so fascinating to watch. The two leads have a remarkable chemistry together that is unique, endearing and realistic. The relationship between father and son is complex and yet sweetly simple — much like life. Then there is the broader relationship of man against society, which is by far the interesting to look at and gives the film a “one of a kind” feel.
  • The Dog: Despite however good looking and engaging the couple is, the dog steals every scene he’s in.
  • Wonderfully Weird: The film is pleasantly weird in a way that makes it unique without alienating audiences. There are some things that set this film apart from all the other films you’ll see. The voice-over is elegantly done and adds to the film without over explaining. The use of reality vs. memory and the commentary on how we walk through and organize our lives so that we can handle them is interestingly and artistically done.


This is a love story with a lot of different kinds of love and relationships that explores life in unique ways. It has a sense of introspection that you don’t see in average cinema. It’s really beautifully put together and makes for a wonderful cinematic experience that is both complex and yet divinely simple.

Rating: 8.5/10