It’s that time of year again, when movie theaters become bloated with hormonal teen girls racked with ecstasy at the sight of a gape-mouthed and emotionless young actress who gets to live out every young woman’s fantasy of marrying a pasty skinny guy with big hair who happens to enjoy drinking the blood of living things.  Oh, swoon!  So, if you happen to be a teen girl under the age of 17, brace yourself, because the first clip from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1: Part 2 Will Be Out Soon, We Promise: It’s a Big Book, Though, So We Had To Split It Into Two Parts: But We Totally Swear That It Had Nothing To Do With Wanting To Charge You Mindless Drones Twice By Simply Splitting One Movie In Two Because It’s Our Last Chance To Wring Money Out Of Your Hello Kitty Wallets Before You Hit Your Twenties And Drop This Vampire Crap has been released.

In it, we see Bella Whatserwhat walking down the aisle to marry Edward Whatisname and there’s some music and some narration and some things happen and drama and totally OMG you guys, this is so exciting!

If you’d like to see more of the clip, and, young ladies, I know how you’d like to have your socially constructed and instituted fantasies of the perfect wedding with Prince Charming who will protect you from the evil vampires all while fending off the advances of some hot werewolf guy exploited even more, well, MTV will be playing a much more in-depth clip during the MTV Movie Awards this weekend.  And you can catch Breaking Dawn on November 18th.

What did you think of the clip?