At the end of the new Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World trailer, it says the film will be in 4-D. What does this mean for audiences? Often considered spacetime by nerds, it can also be odors in the theatrical business. Does that mean we will be able to smell Jessica Alba and Joel McHale‘s cooking, or Jeremy Piven‘s bad guy cologne? Likely it’s just a marketing gimmick, as the film is in 3-D, so perhaps the film will not open a wormhole for every screening. Robert Rodriguez returns for the fourth entry in this decade-old franchise, and now there’s a trailer. Check it out.

In the intervening years, Robert Rodriguez went through a very public separation from his wife, and the film is about kids embracing their step-mom. Interesting. But other than that subtext, this looks to be more of the same sort of heightened kids film anarchy that’s part and parcel with Rodriguez’s children-centric filmmaking. The original kids are now too old to be called kids, so this functions as a sequel and reboot at the same time, as with so many sequels these days.

The franchise has always been successful, but this will probably be the last entry… unless audiences really wanted this. But that’s hard to believe with a franchise that hasn’t had a sequel in eight years. Perhaps this was contractual obligation. The film hits theaters August 19th.

Are you a fan of the Spy Kids Franchise?