The Maverick Movie Awards is running on its 8th year, and still striving to reward great cinema – regardless of origin, genre, or budget – instead of the glitz and glamour. The MMA is now accepting both feature-length and short-length movie submissions. The show has 42 awards, up to 10 nominees, and 21 different categories that range from standard categories like Best Picture and Best Director to Best Production Design and Best Score. The regular deadline for submission has passed, but there are still two more deadlines ahead, and submission fees are still relatively cheap!

Even though the Internet has “made it easier” for independent filmmakers to make their movies available to wider audiences, the process has always (and is still) very difficult, especially when you’re competing against big studios pictures and huge celebrities. Let’s be honest, it’s those pictures and those performances that get the awards, and not just the distribution deals. The Maverick Movie Awards looks beyond the glamour of a film, and looks at its soul. Even though independent and studio moviemaking styles of all budget sizes are accepted, the Maverick Movie Award’s mission is to honor moviemakers and movies based on the craft and cinematic style and not the hype that goes with along certain films.

The MMA founders are a group of people working in and outside Hollywood, but their identity remains hidden to preserve the integrity of the judging process.

If you’re on the look to submit your feature film, short film, or documentary, you can submit it to the MMA through withoutabox. Since the MMAs is not a film festival and there are no screenings, you won’t be jeopardizing your film premiering at an actual film festival, so go ahead and submit via withoutabox.

The following are the submission dates and fees that remain:

Late Deadline -

  • Date – June 30, 2011
  • Submission fee – $35

WAB Extended Deadline -

  • Date – July 31, 2011
  • Submission fee – $60

There are different deadlines and submission fees for student films, check out the MMA website for more information.