After last weekends recording breaking box office returns, X-Men: First Class will try to prove that there is still life left in the X-Men franchise while competing against memorial day hold overs The Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2. In all it should be a solid weekend at the box office. Check out our predictions…

The big question this weekend is “just how big can X-Men: First Class open?” The X-Men films including Wolverine have all opened solidly over the years. But X-Men 3 - which did over $200 Million – left a bad taste in movie-goers mouths. The film received poor reviews, and was generally disliked by X-Men fan boys and regular people alike, while Wolverine fared no better. While ill will from the last couple X-Men movies may prevent First Class from breaking records, a new director and new approach has led to the film receiving some of the year’s best reviews – a rare feat for an action film. Even with the residual bad taste from the last couple films, X-Men: First Class will open in the #1 spot.

The second question is: will The Hangover 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 have the legs of their predecessors? Last weekend’s opening for The Hangover 2 was the largest ever for a comedy, and it also received an A- cinema score grade as well as maintaining  pretty strong daily grosses last weekend (the worry was that it would be an opening day picture). Kung Fu Panda 2′s opening weekend gross was less than the first Kung Fu Panda‘s opening weekend and the sequel performed below expectations. Panda‘s saving grace may be its strong cinema score grades and lack of kids competition this weekend. The Hangover 2 should land in the #2 spot with Panda at #3.

While Johnny Depp’s On Strangers Tides may be under-performing domestically – at least in comparison to the last three films in the series – the franchise is buoyed by strong overseas grosses. The latest POTC has a shot of being the highest grossing film in the series when worldwide receipts are tallied. But domestically look for grosses to be sliced in half after the holiday weekend, and the film to land in the #4 spot. On the flip side, Bridesmaids is having such great word of mouth that even The Hangover 2 – direct competition – couldn’t slow it down. Look for the film to once again see a small decline to land in the # 5 spot.

The Top Ten

1. X-Men:First Class-Our Prediction-$70-75M

2. The Hangover 2 – Our Prediction-$40-43M

3. Kung Fu Panda 2 – Our Prediction-$28-3oM

4. POTC:On Strangers Tides – Our Prediction-$17-18M

5. Bridesmaids – Our Predictions- $11-12M

6. ThorOur Prediction-$6M

7. Fast Five – Our Prediction-$4M

8. Midnight In Paris – Our Prediction-$2.5M

9. Tree Of Life – Our Prediction-$1.2-1.5M

10. Something Borrowed – Our Prediction-$1M

How far do you think The Hangover Part II will fall this weekend?