Remember back to about a million years ago (ok, maybe it was four years), when George Lucas decided he was going to take a break from ruining his original films with constant updates and make a Star Wars TV show that would bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the dreaded prequels?  Well, after taking a break to utterly and brutally destroy everything that was great about Indiana Jones, Lucas has quietly amassed fifty hours of scripted episodes for the new series.

Now, before your fanboy or fangirl head explodes, keep in mind that at this stage, only the 50 one-hour scripts been completed, according to the AV Club—George still has to shoot the thing.  Why the delay?

“It’s just that, in typical Lucas fashion, he’s looking to develop an entirely new type of production technology first before he feels comfortable putting it on the air. Calling that development “a very difficult process” when he spoke to G4, Lucas was reluctant to provide a timeline for when the series might move forward again, only saying that he wanted to wait until this breakthrough, more cost-efficient technology was invented in order to make the new show ‘credible.’”

Hang just a sec—I just need to duck down behind my desk here, as the words “George Lucas” and “credible were just used in the same paragraph, and so the resultant matter/ anti-matter explosion should happen any minute now…

Anyway, what this means is that fans of the Star Wars saga can look forward to at least 50 more hours of stilted, wooden dialogue that describes a great and mystic force that binds us all, and that eventually gets buried beneath an avalanche of CGI and characters designed to instigate mass suicides.

What do you think of the Star Wars news?