Guillermo Del Toro‘s been up for a number of different projects since 2008′s Hellboy II, but nothing has come together. And though he’s been attached to a number of different projects (and seems to be going forward with Pacific Rim), as a producer he’s kept himself busy. He’s been consulting with DreamWorks on their animated films, and was the co-writer and producer of the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark remake, which was directed by newcomer Troy Nixley. Now there’s a trailer for the film, which comes out August 26, and features Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. Check it out..

One of the things that’s most interesting about this project is that it was co-written by Matthew Robbins. Robbins was in the school of Steven Spielberg, wrote The Sugarland Express and directed Corvette Summer and Dragonslayer. He also wrote the film Mimic with Del Toro. The trailer casts a spooky spell, and  seems to fall into Del Toro’s wheelhouse of creeped out kids.’s Nick Nunziata (a former boss of mine) is one of the associate producers.

The late August release date would be troubling if this was a franchise picture, but a late August release was beneficial to both The Others and Jeepers Creepers. The film was held up for a little bit because of The Weinstein Company’s fiscal difficulties, but everyone must be happy with the film as it will be the closing night feature of the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival. We should be there, so expect a review shortly thereafter.

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