Well, fans of remakes of really, really odd 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger films, along with fans of really, really pretty people, have something to celebrate this morning–/Film reports that, in addition to Colin Farrell playing hero Douglas Quaid and Bryan Cranston playing the bad guy, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel have both just been announced as recent add-ons to the cast of the Total Recall remake.  In addition, Bill Nighy will round out the cast as resistance leader Quatto.

Beckinsale will play the role of Quaid’s life in the “real” world (really, none of this will make sense if you haven’t seen the original), originally portrayed by Sharon Stone, and Jessica Biel will star as the woman Quaid encounters in his “spy life.”

And while that may inspire some confidence in viewers approaching the remake, the fact that it doesn’t take place on Mars (which is sorta kinda a crucial plot point—imagine a 2001: A Space Odyssey that takes place in, say, north Jersey rather than in deep space), and the film is being directed by Underworld director Len “I like to cast my wife in things” Wiseman isn’t exactly bolstering.   Seeing as how his directing credits are comprised of the Underworld trilogy, the Hawaii Five-O pilot, and the fourth Die Hard film (aka, Bruce Willis vs. Green Screen and Plausibility), it may be safe to not hold out for the Total Recall being something of a cinematic/ action masterwork.

But hey, it’s a Hollywood remake directed by an inauspicious director, starring beautiful people, and seems to have ditched some of the major plot points that made the original such an odd, original work—and that’s always worked well in the past, right?

What do you think of Total Recall’s casting news?