Travis runs away to Hawaii and the entire crew follows. Bobby plays vacation surrogate to Andy and Ellie, and they pay him back. Laurie does what it takes to help a friend in need. Jules and Grayson try to put it off even further but eventually do the baby talk. Co-Creator Bill Lawrence directs Something Good Coming, the two part season finale of “Cougar Town.” Busy Philipps bares a body we should all envy and Sam Lloyd guest stars.

The Good:

  • Abed from Community (played by Danny Pudi) stops by to play the background, coupling two shows that enjoy titillating their fan base with the most intricate gags and pop culture references. Since this comes after Cougar Town’s own Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps popped up on Community’s season finale, we hope this means much more crossover for these two creative sitcoms.
  • We deal with three emotional plotlines without ever feeling mushy or abandoning the show’s normal rhythm, even with the extra 30 minutes of air time. There are too many new quips and jokes to list, including the new drinking apparatus Little Kemo and its spontaneous created twin that we have dubbed Kemo the Second.

The Bad:

  • Cougar Town won’t return until November.


Emotion but no mush, humor without fail, and a sense of finality that still leaves you wanting more.

Rating: 10/10