A couple of big movies for the kids hit DVD this week as Gnomeo & Juliet and I Am Number Four turn from early-year theatrical family fare into at-home summer family fare. Depending on the age of your kids.

But that’s not the big news, because after a month of waiting you can now own The Royal Wedding on DVD! Yes, the BBC has come up big with a commemorative package that can let you feel like every day is the day where you woke up at 4 in the morning to watch endless shots of people standing outside.

All that plus a couple of cult comedy TV shows and the return of one of my teenage crushes to DVD.

Check it out below…


Feature Films

I Am Number Four

Kids books seem to be the new comic books.

In the wake of the ‘Twilights’, ‘Harry Potters’ and, to a lesser extent, ‘Chronicles of Narnias’ of the film world, producers appear to be gobbling up any Kids Book they can get the rights to. And it doesn’t seem to matter that the large majority of these bomb.

Remember ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’? Yeah. Me Neither.

But that has not slowed them down. And it’s that hunger that brought us this disappointment. Based on a the proposed beginning of a series by James Frey and his cohorts, this movie didn’t even break even domestically. Further proving that ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ are unique quantities – that a children’s book series is not a guarantee of success.

Yes, the last several new series to hit the big screen all failed to do big business but now I see coverage of something called ‘The Hunger Games’ on every magazine, website, and Twitter feed I frequent. And apparently Jennifer Lawrence being cast as the film’s lead is the biggest bit of casting news since Hayden Christensen landed Anakin Skywalker.

All this for a kiddie book I’ve never even heard of. Seems like something of a waste and hardly worth the spilled ink (both virtual and real) to cover.

Of course, I’d never heard of ‘Twilight’ either and here we are.

If you are down with the kiddie sci-fi fantasy as blockbuster trend. You can buy I Am Number Four on DVD.



“The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine″

A thousand DVR-savvy husbands just rejoiced at seeing that they may gain 6 hours of HD space on their recorders simply by replacing it with this commemorative DVD. Hold on their fellas, before you hit the “Delete Forever” button on the Tivo, better check with your daughter or wife – this commemorative DVD contains only – gasp! – two hours from this event.

So while this may seem like a slam dunk double whammy: The perfect way to clear space on your DVR while giving a great surprise gift – don’t pull that delete trigger until you’re absolutely certain.

But the good news? You can buy The Royal Wedding DVD for only $4.99!


  • “Children’s Hospital: Seasons 1 and 2 – Buy Now
  • “The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town” – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…


And so, apparently, does Thora Birch’s film career! Kinda. Okay, this movie was made in 2001, but still: Thora Birch!