House” finishes off its seventh season with an engaging episode that keeps us glued to the screen and eager for the return of the show in the fall. While it isn’t always easy to believe, it’s easy to enjoy, and at the end of the day, that is what really matters. It was a great hour of entertainment; check out our review to see why.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Moving On”

A performance artist gets admitted to the hospital, but things get tricky for House and his team when she reveals that this is her next big art project, and some of her symptoms are made up while others are real. In the meantime, Cuddy tries to talk to House about their relationship, but true to form, he remains evasive.

The Good:

  • Ending: The way this episode ends is completely unrealistic, but the creative team behind the camera pulls it off so effectively and convincingly that we honestly don’t care. “House” has pretty much given up on realism these days anyway, so it was worth it to see House genuinely smiling for what seems like the first time in the history of the show. We wonder where the series will go from here, but hey, we’re definitely interested. Looks like everyone involved did their jobs.
  • Wilson: It’s been Wilson’s thankless role in this series to play the submissive and mild-mannered straight man to House’s insanity. On rare occasions, he manages to stand up for himself, and this was one of those occasions. Sick of seeing his friend endanger his life, he confronted House about his drug use, and while it wasn’t a huge, game-changing moment in their relationship, we haven’t seen enough of Wilson this season, and we were glad to see him assert some real personal strength in the little bit of screentime that he was granted.
  • Human Relationships: At its core, “House” is a show about people, and that is why it has succeeded in drawing in an audience for all these years. A particularly touching moment occurred towards the end of this week’s episode, when the patient shared affection with her lover, and House couldn’t understand why she valued emotional attachments over the integrity of her own mind.

The So-So:

  • Rachel’s Revelation: Taub receives some interesting news from his wife this episode, and in retrospect, we should have seen it coming. While this will certainly complicate matters even further in  the next season, we wonder if this subplot didn’t come off as a little too reminiscent of a soap opera. It’s a plot twist that feels, quite simply, too convenient.
  • Cuddy’s Boyfriend: Speaking of plot twists that are too convenient for the needs of the show, we understand that it was necessary for Cuddy to acquire a new boyfriend in order for this episode to result in its climax, but the way the issue was handled, we saw what was going to happen a mile away. It didn’t feel as though it was naturally incorporated into the story.

The Bad:

  • Performance Artist: Maybe we’re just too critical of “performance artists” who use shock tactics to pretend that they are making some sort of grand statement about society, but we couldn’t get behind this week’s patient. Her character was honestly too pretentious for us to feel sympathy for.


A strong season finale should get us interested for next season, and that is certainly what was accomplished in this episode. While any sense of realism was thrown out the door in the final moments of the show, hey, it’s TV: we’ll learn to live with it.

Rating: 9/10

“House” will return to FOX in the fall!

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