It’s kind of sad that the least exciting thing about a cooking competition show is the food, but that is exactly what happened on last night’s episode of “Top Chef Masters.” The Chefs were asked to cook a six course romantic meal for a couple whose culinary tastes were, shall we say, less than adventurous.  The guest named Chris who they were cooking for was planning on proposing to his longtime girlfriend over dessert, on national television. (really Top Chef Masters?) Well, at least we got to hear all of the stories about the Chefs and critic’s personal love lives right?

The Good:

  • Well, the Quickfire Challenge was interesting at least.  Seeing these culinary masters put their individual senses to the test was actually very entertaining to watch.  When Hugh identified the sound of butter being spread on toast, but not the sound of rice krispies snap, crackle and popping in milk, it gave us a real insight to the non-American way of eating that must go on in his household.
  • And let’s not forget the highlight of the entire show; (no not the marriage proposal over a plate of so-so apple galette) Gael Greene’s public admission to having a naked, one hour romp with The King himself, Elvis Presley, who asked her on the way out the door to order him a fried egg sandwich. Nice!

The Bad:

  • Listening to last night’s guest Chris talk about how he has never eaten shellfish, how his girlfriend (now fiancee) had to trick him into thinking salmon was chicken in order to try it, was definitely not a ratings booster.  Can someone please tell us why, on this show that is about cuisine and good food, we are subjected to two weeks in a row of just plain ridiculous food that we can make at home?  What’s next, is Rachel Ray planning on being a guest judge?


  • When learning that he will be blindfolded, wearing headphones and a nose-plug and has to identify ingredients with taste alone, Hugh’s response is, “My concern is that I’m going to put something in my mouth that is going to promote the gag reflex.”  Ours too Hugh.
  • Also, when sitting down with the guest he is cooking for, Hugh seems less than thrilled.  As guest Chris is going on and on about how much he loves his girlfriend and regaling the Chefs with stories of their times together Hugh says (to the camera), ““this is poignant (pause) and makes me throw up in my mouth.”
  • And honestly, a great quote came from Mary Sue (it’s true, hard to believe, but she had a good one last night) who says to the camera after hearing that their guest has never eaten shellfish; “Really? And you think you’re ready to get married and you’ve never had clams or mussels?”.  HA! Truer words have never been spoken Mary Sue.

Rating: 4/10

Recap by Marla Nease Gilbert. Read full review of Picktainment!