Grayson and Ellie take on the zombie brood of the Culs-De-Sac, Andy helps Laurie and Bobby sell out, and Bobby and Jules are still tackling the ball of teen angst that is Travis. Dan Byrd continues to excel as the despondent, pajama clad teen in Free Fallin’, this weeks’ episode of “Cougar Town,” directed by Michael McDonald. Lou Diamond Phillips returns to guest star as himself the week before the season finale.

The Good:

  • The episode does what the show is known for, throwing punch line after show gag while staying committed to character advancement. Countless new catch phrases, new rules and marketing for the show’s favorite game, and getting clues about where we’ll be plot wise in next week’s season finale, besides sunny Hawaii of course, all make this an episode worth watching.

The Bad:

  • Even though Jules and Bobby don’t have a wealth of college experience between them it’s completely unrealistic that they would believe Travis had a two week spring break, especially since he’s been out of school for weeks. Not to mention, for a writing team that made advertising funny in the fall, their blatant advertising this week was a clear disappointment.


Anything that features Lou Diamond Phillips, mentions Emilio Estevez, and still manages to stay on plot is a definite success.

Rating: 9/10