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After last weekend’s strong second weekend win by Thor, comes the release of the 4th Pirates Of The Caribbean film sans Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom. Movie studios have steered clear of opening any new releases this weekend against The Johnny Depp action adventure, while the top ten will be filled out with left overs ranging from Fast Five, Thor, and newly minted summer hit, Bridesmaids.

All eyes are on Johnny Depp and Pirates Of The Caribbean:  On Strangers Tide and just how big it will open at the box office this weekend. The Pirate films have been one of the best preforming movie franchises in terms of opening weekend box office in recent memory. However, this is the first time the series has relied solely on the drawing power of Johnny Depp and namely his Jack Sparrow character. Can Johnny Depp open Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Strangers Tide to solid numbers? Has POTC fever waned? The answers are yes and most likely no. While the last film in series was a slight under-performer, their are no new movies being opened this weekend, throw in a massive ad campaign, a healthy fan base for Depp and POTC should open strongly in the #1 spot.

Bridesmaids and Thor battle it out for the #2,#3 spots this weekend. Both films have been well liked by audiences as Thor dropped just 47% percent in it’s second weekend a solid showing for a big-budget action flick, while Bridesmaids opened beyond expectations. However, Bridesmaids has topped the daily box office all week long in a neck and neck  box office battle with Thor. Both films should take a modest hit from the new Johnny Depp Pirates film as male audiences will rush out to see the action flick, while females will also be lured in by Johnny Depp. In all look for Thor take a another modest second week dip narrowly winning  to come in at #2, with Bridesmaids in the #3 spot.

Rounding out the top of 5 will be the summer block buster Fast Five which has been a solid performer since it’s debut last April to land in the #4 spot and is inching it’s towards becoming the first $200M grossing Fast & Furious Film.  Rounding out the top 5 is Priest which which will find itself  scoring the #5 spot due to lack of any real  competition.

And For The Top 10….

  1. Pirates Of The Caribeen: At Strangers Tide: Our Prediction: $90-100M
  2. Thor: Our Prediction:$18M
  3. Bridesmaids: Our Prediction: $17M
  4. Fast Five: Our Prediction: $11-12M
  5. Priest: Our Prediction: $7-8M
  6. Rio: Our Prediction: $5.5-6M
  7. Jumping The Broom: Our Prediction: $4-4.5M
  8. Something Borrowed: Our Prediction: $3.5-4M
  9. Water For Elephants: Our Prediction: $2.7-3M
  10. Soul Surfer: Our Prediction: $1.2M