Top Chef Masters Recap: “Seven minutes in heaven” turns out to be not so heavenly episode on Top Chef Masters when the meaning is a little skewed. Instead of spending seven minutes in a dark closet with someone you’re hot for, the Masters had to create a “heavenly” dish in just seven minutes. The worst part wasn’t the time constraint actually, they found out that they were judging eachother and that hurt! From there it just got worse when they found out that they were cooking a ridiculous hodge podge of dishes for the members of Maroon 5. Prepping in a tour bus on a Los Angeles freeway seemed to be a worse fate than the judging at the end. It was a tough week…

The Good:

  • It’s hard to say what the highlights were… this episode just seemed like a ridiculous plug for a band that labeled themselves as “foodies” yet requested vegan items and Thanksgiving dinner. Can a vegan be a foodie? Anyway, highlights have to include Traci Des Jardins snapping at Mary Sue Milliken in the tour bus and basically telling Naomi that she couldn’t make a dish because the spices were too similar to the ones in her dish. Both women backed and down and we got to see exactly why Traci is a very successful Chef. Oh, and we can’t forget our many wonderful quips and quotes from Hugh Acheson, those are always a highlight.

The Bad:

  • Well, lowlights include watching the Chefs cook food for so called “foodies” that doesn’t resemble anything a foodie would eat. The only thing that was missing was a request for a tuna noodle casserole. Also, seeing an amazing Chef like Alex Stratta make four dishes that were so below his talent level, was enough to break a real foodie’s heart.

Top Quotes by Hugh Acheson:

  • Every week, people say some great things on Top Chef Masters, but Hugh Acheson trumps them all. It’s going to be a sad day when we don’t have quips like, ” I may be making the most expensive cat food in the world” when he was describing his sad tuna flop for the seven minutes in heaven challenge.
  • The best one of last night has to be in response to cooking dinner in a crowded tour bus. The Chefs are feeling the strain and Hugh breaks out with this one; “Mary sue has covered the bed with tostadas which is not any fetish that I’ve ever heard of.” Well, not yet anyway, right Hugh.

Rating 4/10

Recap by Marla Nease Gilbert of Picktainment! Read the full Top Chef Masters review now.