This will actually be my second review of Hesher, and I’m back, because with some good edits, a sound remix and some well places music this movie has officially reached the potential that I saw in it back so Sundance 2010 (read first review review). Prepare for the awesome, well acted, original film that is Hesher. Now let’s see where I went wrong before…

The Players:

  • Directed by: Spencer Susser
  • Writing: Spencer Susser and David Michôd (screenplay), story by Brian Charles Frank
  • Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Devin Brochu, Rainn Wilson, Piper Laurie and actress/producer Natalie Portman
  • Original Music by: Frank Tetaz (as Francois Tetaz)
  • Cinematography by: Morgan Susser

The Plot:

Hesher is here until you want him. This is a story about when everything goes wrong and you have no way out, sometimes an unexpected hero shows up at your door, and sometimes that hero comes with homemade tattoos, a rapist-looking van, and a sever violent streak. Let the fun begin!


  • Old Review: “Some of these moments were great and others were a little awkward and it was mainly because of the music.”
  • Update: All these problems have been fixed. And what originally took you out of the film, now brings you in. The music helps with the odd tone and keeping you engaged throughout the film. The sound is perfect, the edit is tight — they’ve made this film the best that it can ever be and it works extremely well.
  • Old Review: “…it’s pretty basic in a lot of ways and the plot is somewhat predictable.”
  • Update: Perhaps I said this because of how this film played or perhaps I just had Sundance goggles on, but I can say that on the second viewing this film I found it fresh, original and though it plays out as expected in a way, I enjoyed the ride even more the second time through.
  • Old Review: “The kid in this movie is absolutely amazing. No doubt about it, he had a big part in front of him with lots of highs and lows and he dealt with it like a pro…. Wilson was completely believable and heart-wrenching.”
  • Update: This still holds true. Devin Brochu was what first made me like the film, now it’s why I love it. Rain Wilson was and is extraordinary and it’s great to see him tackles such a serious role.
  • Old Review: “Levitt was as always intriguing and fun to watch. There were some moments where he looked more like a character of himself…”
  • Update: With the sound fixed and a few edits, his character excels. Yes you have to go with his extreme character, but this time his fucked up Jesus, savior type impression was amazing (and know that I called him that, he’s never admitted to it and you can see in our interview with him) and his parables are ones to live by. Nicely done.


This film is a fun ride, it’s got some great acting, it’s well made and well put together, I still don’t by Natalie Portman as “common”, but overall it’s a great pick, well worth your time and if any film has a sequel or spin-off, I hope it’s “On the Road with Hesher”

New Rating: 8.75/10

Hesher hits theaters May 13th!

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