Cougar Town Recap: Bobby and Jules have different opinions on how to fix their son’s broken heart in this weeks episode “Damaged by Love” in Cougar Town. Andy’s blatantly coy sister in law sends Ellie in search on an emotional punching bag. Grayson decides that rollerblading is his next big challenge. Check out what’s worth watching below…

The Good:

  • The men excel this week. Bobby look has the unusual air of an adult with a fresh batch of parental worry astride his shoulders. Travis plays the role of distressed broken hearted youth with surprising expertise. Grayson delights us with a new rendition of his mack daddy vocabulary.

The Bad:

  • Grayson’s C plot line about needing acceptance during his continued courtship of Jules was the perfect situation to address the baby sized elephant in their relationship but instead they pass over the opportunity. We get that they might be holding off until the season finale to deal with this but that doesn’t make it any less aggravating.


Awkward for us to deal with lasting negative emotions on a show known for its carefree nature, but it’s a necessary nuisance, and a nice change.

Rating: 7/10