It’s about time a film like this hits the theaters and proves that the women of comedy can take on the men. This week in theaters is the comedy of year, Bridesmaids by director Paul Feig, with the stellar writer/actress Kristen Wiig and produced by the comedy master Judd Apatow. Thanks to Paul Feig (“Arrested Development,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Weeds”)  finally seeing Kristen Wiig’s potential to be a leading lady and the force of Judd Apatow’s approval behind the project, this film is the perfect storm of talent coming together and doing what they all do best — make people laugh. Find out how they got this project going and what it took to make it in our interview with the trio below…

The film is very much appealing to both women and men, but the title Bridesmaids sounds more like a chick, flick. Did you ever question that?

Judd Apatow: Originally it was called “Maid of Honor,” but a friend of mine made a movie and was trying to call his “Maid of Honor” and he called me said “is it okay if we use that title?” And I said “no we’re just about to make this movie, Maid of Honor!” And then he named his movie “M-A-D-E of Honor” and he out-played me.

Wiig: And then to get guys we were just going to call it “Naked Boobs and Guns”. [laughter] Honestly, we had a really hard time trying to think of the title.

Apatow: We gave up.

Feig: I think the feeling was it’s always going to play in previews as it’s about a wedding and with women, so what we didn’t want to do is alienate the female audience by pretending it wasn’t what it was. So I just thought of it as Devil Where’s Prada which I saw the trailer for and thought that wasn’t my demographic, then I saw it and called my male friends and said “you have to go see it,” so I think that’s the way to go.

Apatow: Is your demographic, men who where fancy three-piece suits?

Feig: Yes and they all showed up!

The comedy in this film is at times, out right raunchy, being the writers and creators of this film, was there anything that you felt bad about making your actresses do?

Kristen Wiig: I guess when they had to puke on each others hair I felt a little bit bad. But they actually liked it. It was fun! We made them really vomit.

Paul Feig: We were method that way. That was the only moment I really felt weird. It was Wendy that not only had throw-up in her hair, but had to sit, on her knees with her head in the toilet for about an hour while we were thinking up jokes, like “what would be even more funny.” That’s what’s so great about working with really funny women is that vanity comes second and anything that makes it real and funny, they’re just going to go for it, which is great!

Wiig, how free were you to work on set and are you able to improvise as much on the big screen as you are on the small?

Wiig: We rehearsed for weeks before, and did a lot of improvising there and then on the set, we shot it every way, we did the script, we would improvise, people would hand in lines from off camera, plus all of the cast are amazing improvisers so why not them go to town on what they do best.

Did that ruin a lot of takes?

Wiig: Oh yeah! Luckily you didn’t see that part.

Feig: That’s why we have no many jokes that aren’t in the trailer that aren’t in the film because we have this wealth of jokes and it’s better that because you get to see a new batch of jokes when you go to the movie.

Apatow, you seem to always have your finger on the pulse, how do you decide what comedies to tackle and who you want to be in them?

Apatow: I don’t think about it too much. I just think about what I’m interested in and what makes me laugh. A lot of the time it starts with performers. Kristen and I had so much fun on Knocked Up and Walk Hard, and then I think “who do I want to be around” and talk to for a couple of years. Because it takes a long time to make these films and there’s a lot to debate. Even now I’m going to cast this new movie that I’m going to direct and a lot of it is just “who do you want to see everyday” and “who  really just personally makes you personally laugh.” But I never think in terms of the audicne or what they’ll expect or what they want, because you always try to do something different every time and feel like you’re breaking new ground and challenging yourself.

Feig: The great thing about Judd and his brand and what his name means to the public, is that it allows us to not have to cast famous movie stars, we can cast amazing people who you might know, but who might not normally get to star in their own movie. It’s such a testament to him and that he’s been doing it right, because he gets to launch people like Kristen who should be a star and the studio might want Angelina Jolie…

Wiig: …Are you saying I’m different from Angelina Jolie?

Feig: Well, she better watch out now! Kristen will now be playing Tomb Raider, we’re very excited.

Wiig: And the sequel to the Tourist.

Apatow: I thought Salt was very strong for someone who weighed 90 lbs. Those are strong, thin arms.

Apparently Apatow won’t be working with Angelina anytime soon! As you can see, none of them take anything too seriously, it’s all just part of the game.

The film is absolutely extraordinary and should not be missed! It’s in theaters tomorrow May 13th. Bring your friends and enjoy!

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