In the latest episode, of “Game of Thrones,” Ned Stark is off hunting for clues about his predecessor’s death while he’s mysteriously (and invisibly) being hunted back home. Overall the series has been doing well and this week is no exception…

The Good:

  • Catelyn Stark proves to be one of the coolest moms in history, Daenerys hoists up her trowsers and stands up to her wuss dragon-fake brother, and guard Samwell finds a home among the bastards and broken.

The Bad:

  • One long, weird scene with Viserys talking about dragon skulls to his prostitute. I would have liked to learn about this history in a cooler way… and from a much less wussy source.


It’s tough to call anything perfect these days, but for a fourth episode, Game of Thrones is a can’t miss. Its not often I start thinking about a show on my Friday night, but this makes four weeks in a row.

Rating: 9/10

If I Could Have One Wish: I would wish for a Dire wolf, all to myself. And I’d name it Muffin. After Bran.

Recap by Bryce Van Kooten of Picktainment. Read the full “Game of Thrones” review now!