The Chefs learn the value of a dollar on this week’s episode of “Top Chef Masters”. Having to make an appetizer with a budget of only a buck proves to be a challenge. The Chefs also get schooled when it comes to working in a fast food restaurant. They are so far out of their element that if they lit a match and walked away from the joint, it would have had a better outcome.

The Good:

  • Watching what the Masters will come up with for only a $1 was fascinating. It provided a valuable lesson in how overpriced restaurants have become and how being inventive can really pay off. Plus, watching Hugh Acheson freak out every episode over the tiniest thing has become pretty entertaining.

The Bad:

  • Oh man, where to begin. George Mendez’s bad attitude for one (he was eliminated). Get a grip dude, it’s not that bad, you chose to be on this show. Jeez. Also, the entire elimination challenge was so uncomfortable to watch because all the Chefs were squirming under the pressure. It was like watching someone sing bad karaoke, you feel so embarrassed for them, yet you can’t look away.

Best Quotes:

  • This section should really be the “Things Hugh Acheson said this week” section until he gets kicked off (which he will, again, eventually). When finding out that the diners he is cooking for won’t be using utensils he had to rethink his dish which was going to originally include some sort of slaw. His response? “You can’t eat slaw with no utensils, that’s something you do in private.”
  • And when referring to how these Master Chefs were going down hard in the fast food challenge he came up with this gem, “it’s like an architect that is supposed to create these big beautiful buildings, but right now, we can’t build a house out of leggos.”

Rating: 9/ 10

Written by Marla Nease Gilbert of Picktainment! Read full “Top Chef” review now!