Jules and Bobby trade dwellings to see if women can go from lavish surroundings to the poor practices of the past. Travis proposes to Kirsten-not-Kristen. Laurie establishes The Council to dole out punishment when Crew members wrong each other.

The Good:

  • Everything. We’re not kidding; the C plot shines with A-material, Jules proves herself right for once, and we deal with a major part of Travis’s story arc. Even the guest stars are stellar, with Travis’s roommate scoring with his surprisingly falsetto singing and his less surprising but equally satisfying tackling skills. Also Lou Diamond Phillips shows his better-in-person looking face for a moment, and the @TheLarmy is still going strong, tweeting throughout the shows airing in all time zones.

The Bad:

  • There’s not much we can say here, other than we were a little perturbed to see Jules competing in a challenge so soon after her kid challenge two episodes ago. Jules wins, keeping Ellie from having to call her son Hector (something she can’t do, middle name or not), and ends things so nicely we have a hard time caring about it being the second challenge.


This episode is a must-see hit, making us laugh, teaching us a lesson, and giving us a glimpse of where the season is headed.

Rating: 10/10

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