After last weekends scorching debut from Fast Five, Thor will look to capture box office glory this weekend and attempt to prove it self as a solid box office contender. Meanwhile new comedic releases such as Something Borrowed and Jumping The Broom will battle it out to round out the top 5.

The biggest question this weekend is just how big will Thor open? Or will it be another big budgeted may movie flop ala  Speed Racer, Kingdom Of  Heaven,and Robin Hood. Thor has garnered solid reviews which could generate a much needed jolt in terms of buzz, throw in the ever likable Natalie Portman, and moviegoers need for a summer blockbuster and Thor should be able to open solidly  in the number #1 slot.

Fast Five blazed all the way to top of the box office last weekend and this weekend should be no different. While Thor offers some stiff competition, Fast Five scored a solid opening, an A Cinema Score, and has performed nicely throughout the week. Look for Fast Five to drop to the number #2 spot this weekend.

Also opening this weekend comes the romantic comedy Something Borrowed starring Kate Hudson and Office Alum John Krasinski . Kate Hudson has achieved success in the romantic comedy genre with past films How To lose Your Guy In 10 Days, Fools Gold and Bride Wars.  While Something Borrowed may not reach the box office heights as those aforementioned films, it will serve as good counter programming against Thor, Fast Five and should land in the # 3 spot.

The rest of the top five will see Rio continue to perform solidly to land at the # 4 spot while newcomer Jumping The Broom should be able to bring in enough box office dough as Tyler Perry’s Madea’s  Big Happy Family rapidly declines to open at the #5 spot.

The Top Ten Predictions:

  1. Thor: Our Prediction:$65-70M Opening Box Office Weekend
  2. Fast Five: Our Prediction: $37-40 Weekend Box Office
  3. Something Borrowed: Our Prediction: $10-11M Opening Box Office Weekend
  4. Rio: Our Prediction: $9M Weekend Box Office
  5. Jumping The Broom: Our Prediction: $6-7M Opening Weekend Box Office
  6. Water For Elephants: Our Prediction: $5.5M
  7. Madea’s Big Happy Family: Our Prediction: $4.5-5M Weekend Box Office
  8. Prom: Our Prediction: $2.5M Weekend Box Office
  9. Soul Surfer: Our Prediction: $2.3M Weekend Box Office
  10. Hoodwinked 2: Our Prediction: $2M Weekend Box Office