The Borgias Recap: More political bartering is at hand as Pope Alexander marries off his 13-year-old son to the grown daughter of the King of Naples. The pope wishes to secure an alliance which would offset Della Rovere’s pleas to the French king to ally with him against the pope. Lucrezia is free to pursue her romance with the stable boy Paolo since her husband’s not-so-accidental hunting injuries keep him bedridden. Cesare and Ursula are finally alone and can consummate their love but eventually Ursula uncovers her husband is dead and Cesare is at fault.

The Good:

  • Lucrezia and Paolo’s budding romance makes sense in its impropriety. As they sit by a spring in the forest, Lucrezia leans down and kisses his reflection in the water and then turns to kiss him in person. She finally can enjoy the sweetness of love she could not have with her abusive husband.
  • France’s King Charles is quite an amusing character. He repeatedly pokes fun at his own ugliness and is also a shrewd ruler who knows his interests. He is wise enough to understand the dishonor and brutality inherent in war but is not afraid to ruthlessly take part in it. His eccentricity is fun to watch.
  • Jeremy Irons’s deep dramatic voice gives weight and authority to every word which leaves his mouth; even when comparing his lover’s more intimate parts to “France, the source of all disquiet.” His presence truly makes this series.

The Bad:

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui should have worked on her English accent a bit more. There are brief moments, when pronouncing certain words, that she loses it and it can be distracting. Although, it is a mystery why a series set in Italy would have actors adopt British accents. Also, there are so many skilled actors surrounding Chriqui that her performance and on-screen presence pales in comparison.


This week’s episode should have more appropriately been titled “The Borgias in Love,” since it had far more plot lines involving relationships and love and far less action than last week. Episode 6 is riddled with the drama of love, lust, spiritual hypocrisy and some obligatory political games sprinkled in.

Rating: 8/10

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