As the season really starts getting under way, we begin to see who has an attitude and who doesn’t. Suvir, Hugh, Floyd, not sure which one has the strongest personality but only time will tell. Also, the Top Chef Masters found it challenging to make low calorie dishes for The Biggest Loser contestants last night. Even Alex Stratta, a cancer survivor who has lost over 90 pounds himself, stumbled a bit.

The Good:

  • (Even though Floyd threw his version of a tantrum over this) Traci’s cheese carpaccio not only was creative and delicious looking, but The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills owner and cheese nerd Norbert Wabnig (the guest judge of the Quickfire Challenge) deemed it the winner of the challenge. Thankfully Floyd redeemed himself, coming back as the winner of the Elimination Challenge with his low cal version of a meatball sub. He turned a high-calorie minefield into a low calorie delicacy. Nice.

The Bad:

  • Oh Suvir, why did you have to get on that soapbox? Suvir, a strong minded vegetarian decided to ignore the request of the contestant he was cooking for who asked for a low calorie version of a bacon cheeseburger. Instead he decided to make a veggie “burger” inside a pita which disappointed his contestant completely. And if that wasn’t bad enough, right before he served it, he gave a long-winded speech about how bad red meat is for you and for the heart. AND the kicker is, Hugh was serving a FLANK STEAK right after Suvir. This of course pissed off Hugh causing his unibrow to raise and lower in proportions unseen before.

Best Quotes:

  • After the Suvir speech, Hugh tells the camera, “I think if the gloves were coming off I should have been told because I’m more than happy to jump into the fight.” No kidding Hugh. You demonstrated that last week when you and Naomi were at odds.
  • The best quote of the night has to go to guest judge Alan Sytsma who responds to Mary Sue Milliken’s sub par cooking yet again, “Mary Sue will always be good, she’s just not going to be great.”

Thank you Alan for saying it like it is.

Rating: 8/10

By Guest writer Marla Nease Gilbert of Picktainment. Check out her full review now!