This week Jules embarrasses herself when children have to correct her Pledge of Allegiance. Bobby marks his return to the world of professional golf with a stunning failure and the best/worst nickname. Laurie bests the Cul-De-Sac Crew’s smartest duo, Grayson and Ellie, in a rousing game of trivia.

The Good:

  • Laurie’s twitter handle, @TheLarmy, also known as The Laurie’s Army, has become an actual army. We checked, @TheLarmy is an actual twitter account that will be tweeting for 24 hours! The tweets are pretty funny, and we love them for doing something different. What-what!
  • Grayson might have been featured heavily in the C plot but his snarky comments throughout the episode were perfect. His timing is genius; when he utters a half exasperated, half amused, “This is what I’m doing with my life now,” we laughed so hard we missed the next joke.

The Bad:

  • Last week were impressed with character advancement, but this week it was noticeably absent. No mention of Travis’s girlfriend’s possible departure or the Baby Bomb that Grayson dropped left us puzzled, hoping they get back on track soon.


The Cul-De-Sac Crew’s triple lesson on embarrassment may have been void of any actual plot progression but their wealth of jokes and banter prevent this episode from hitting a sour note.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Jordan Thompson of Picktainment! Check out his full, in depth review of Jules and her pose now!