Top Chef Maters Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “Diners to Donors” - After introducing a Quick Fire Challenge of cooking worms, scorpions, beetles and crickets, judge Curtis Stone displayed the ultimate in faux pas in the food realm; he visibly gagged as he tasted one of the contestants soups. But even though it was the gag felt round the world, he had a very good reason; the coconut milk and worm soup cooked by George Mendes was, well, disgusting. A reinvigorated Hugh Acheson took the prize with a dish of sunchoke puree with crispy crickets.

Luckily the Elimination Challenge was a lot more appetizing. The chefs needed to work together to create a 10-course meal for 50 guests. But in typical Top Chef form, there were plenty of twists to make the chefs’ lives more difficult, as the water was shut off, the chefs had 30 minutes less prep time, and there was no wait staff.

Naomi Pomeroy quickly took charge, much the annoyance of the chefs and viewers alike. But her organization skills paid off, and she even found herself as the challenge winner with a celery soup that earned her over $10,000 for her charity, The Seed Savers Exchange. Meanwhile, John Currence’s mediocre risotto was considered a notch below Mary Sue Milliken’s ceviche and Celina Tio’s chocolate puddin’, and he was sent back home to Mississippi.

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