***Note from the Editor: This week we’ll be starting with a series of short recaps of some of your favorite shows from guest writers at Picktainment! Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!***

The show’s new gag is funny title cards, this one reading Cul-De-Sac Crew Cougar City Cougar Town. It’s cool guys, keep the name, we’re behind you.

Ellie says it’s harder to raise kids in your well off 40′s than your poor 20′s. Challenge issued and accepted. Jules recruits Grayson to help her discover that it’s much harder raising kids in your 40′s, especially when the kid locks themselves in the room where you were hiding all the dangerous things. Grayson takes charge and leads them to success because, oh no, he wants kids.

Laurie is craving the evil looks you get during a “Walk of Shame,” but when Andy accompanies her to the club as her wingman, she quickly discovers that she’s over that scene. When Andy tells her she growing up and moving her closer to marriage, a random guy and soon-to-be conquest reminds her you don’t have to club to get someone strange.

Bobby tries to teach Dog Travis to do something that he should have asked Son Travis to do.

The Cul-De-Sac Crew Crown is split between the writer’s character advancement and Stan the Kid.