Let’s face it, the majority of films that we go to see now-a-days are neither eco-friendly nor made to help the world in any kind of way, they’re made to eat popcorn to. And that’s fine! Entertainment is something we all enjoy and need in our lives, but sometimes films can do more than entertain, they can also help the world get just a little bit better — but they need your help. African Cats hits theaters this weekend and it does far more than just entertain it also provides us with stunning never before seen images of African cats on their home turf and takes you on an honest and gripping journey into their lives — all while attempting to do some good in the process…

Disneynature has long been a supporter of animals (have you see Oceans??) and on Earth today, they are releasing a film that supports the animals that will visually astound you. By seeing this film opening weekend you can help save the African wildlife that so desperately needs your help. Disneynature has announced that:

“For everyone who sees African Cats during opening week, [they] will make a donation to help preserve the area these animals call home.”

You can find out more about their pledge on their Facebook page and how you can help. It’s extremely simple and a little bit goes a long way.

So this weekend, when you and the family are deciding what film to go see, go for something that will entertain and support wildlife. Hell, it’s not like you have to even do much, just sit down to a beautifully made, fun film and you’ve helped! Check out what I mean by beautiful in the trailer below…

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No one does it quite like Disneynature.

Will you be supporting some big cats this weekend?