The Wrap is reporting that Ryan Gosling is in the room for the Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp version of The Lone Ranger. Depp would play Tonto to Gosling’s white knight of a cowboy. At the same time they are noting that Gosling’s schedule as of now is in conflict with doing the picture. Which makes the likelihood of him doing it all the more questionable.

Gosling is currently attached to Logan’s Run, with his Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn. Since the two just did a picture together, it seems unlikely, though – if nothing else – fairly mercinary for Gosling to abandon the project, which would probably collapse without him. The Lone Ranger is a bigger production, and with Depp and Verbinski an A title where he would get to basically play a goof (it seems) as the focus is more likely to be on Tonto because it’s Depp. Ten years ago it would be a Brendan Fraser role.

Ryan Gosling is similar to James Franco in that they’re both getting thrust into a lot of huge budgeted productions but without having warmed themselves to audiences. Hopefully for studios the films themselves should sell audiences, but neither come across as people necessarily go to movies to see. But that may just be the dwindling class of A-list actors in the new generation.

The Lone Ranger is currently a 2014 tentpole release.that gosling has serious scheduling conflicts makes this seem like a bullshit piece, but you never know.

Do you want to see Gosling sayHi-yo Silver away”?