In the flood of Rise of the Planet of the Apes coverage, we’ve also recieved concept art for the Rupert Wyatt film. These were images done to give a scale to what looks to be the third act of the film where the Apes take over San Francisco, or at least San Fransisco in the art. Such then reminds of Hitchcock, if only because of Vertigo. Take a look…

As you can see, this promises tons of monkey mayhem. Though what the creators have been suggesting is that this doesn’t end the story, and it’s unsure if the Apes actually take over the world in this chapter of the saga. Such is sort of wishy-washy, but that’s also current studio thinking. Why have an ending if you can have a sequel?

Still, this sort of scale would make this a pretty entertaining film. The first four original Planet of the Apes films were pretty perfect, but suffered from smaller and smaller budgets, and so when they got to the Ape takeover in the fourth film it was shot on the studio. But scale doesn’t equal good ideas, and that’s what’s yet to be discovered about this film. We’re really hoping that this delivers.

Opposable Thumbs have to be good for something, right?