Another Cannes “In Contention” title is Paolo Sorrentino‘s This Must Be The Place. The film follows Sean Penn as an older musician who’s now getting old and is out of sorts. Something of a Lost in Translation vibe. The film also stars Kerry Condon, Judd Hirsch, Frances McDormand, Harry Dean Stanton and Shea Whigham, and features music by David Byrne and Will Oldham. An outtake was found by The Playlist. Check it out.

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Though this isn’t even a trailer, I like the tone and vibe of what I’m seeing, though that could be the influence of the music. David Byrne, and his work with Talking Heads is some of the best music to come out of the 70′s and 80′s, and it’s good to see him work more within the confines of American music. Then there’s Will Oldham, better known as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, who’s also a sometime actor, and all-around great.

With the film’s talent roster, it looks like more than the one note joke that Penn’s fright-wig may suggest, and the film was accepted by Cannes for competition. Then again, so have a number of films that were received terribly there (Southland Tales, The Brown Bunny).

Are you a fan of Talking Heads?