Look at this picture of the TV show “Father Knows Best.” Do any of these faces look familiar? Nerds might recognize mom Jane Wyatt as the actress who played Amanda, the mother of Spock. The show ran from 1954 through 1960, and they made nearly 200 episodes of it – many of which have been running in syndication. But other than the name, does anyone know this show that well or watch it? Such makes the news from the Los Angeles Times all the more baffling. Michael McCullers, who wrote and directed Baby Mama is attached to turn the property into a film.

The original show starred Robert Young – who is best known cinematically as the least interesting Robert of the three Robert’s in Crossfire (the other two were Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan) – Wyatt and three child actors. The title is likely the only thing that will be recycled.

The way families have changed, and the way shows like this were made back in the day, means this is a page one new version that takes the title as a stepping off point. The L.A. Times suggests it’s a multi-generation portrait, so it’ll have little to do with the original. Why take the name? Branding.

New Regency is the studio behind this, no release date is set.

Does Father Knows Best have any cultural currency?