Every month The Criterion Collection announces a new batch of titles, and for those who love the company and the titles they put out, it makes the middle of the month like a little Christmas. Their July announcements have just hit, and they are Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast (on Blu-ray) Akira Kursoawa’s High and Low (Blu-ray), Jean-Pierre Melville’s Leon Morin Priest (DVD and Blu-ray), Todd Solonz’s Life During Wartime (DVD and Blu-ray), Satyajit Ray’s The Music Room (DVD and Blu-ray) and Mike Leigh‘s Naked (Blu-ray). Check out the cover gallery below…

As a Blu-ray enthusiast, I’m most excited about the upgrades of High and Low, Naked and Beauty and the Beast to 1080p transfers, but of the new stuff, I’m happy to see Criterion continue offering excellent versions of the Jean-Pierre Melville films, though the supplements on Leon Morin, Priest seem slight.

But the biggest new addition is a Satyajit Ray film to the collection. Sony owns the rights to the Apu Trilogy, so it’s nice to finally get this Ray in the collection. Life During Wartime is the most controversial. Todd Solonz’s sequel to Happiness is part of Criterion’s IFC deal, and though Solonz has spent the last couple years still making movies, he’s fallen off the radar with his nihilistic visions of America.

Which new Criterion are you most excited for?