As Charlie Sheen‘s tour across North America continues, and as The Hollywood Reporter notes every reception, it’s hard to say where Sheen-mania is in total. But one thing keeping the Ma-Sheen in the news is the constant rumors about what’s going to happen with “Two and a Half Men.” The Show has been a fountain of money for the studio, but Sheen’s recent behavior got him kicked off the show. Sheen has recently insisted they’re back in negotiations, Warner Brothers says they aren’t.

As Sheen is on a tour, it’s worthwhile for him to keep talking this up, but Warner Brothers keeps insisting there are no talks, and have no interest in Sheen’s return. But recently Sheen’s Lawyer told TMZ that, yes, discussion have been taking place. If this is true, by Sheen talking about it is he weakening or strengthening his position? Warner Brothers says they’re done with Sheen, and that seems to be worth believing for the time being.

Watching people react to the Charlie Sheen phenomenon, those who found it funny at first have mostly backed away – or at least there’s nothing new – and many who were amused backed off when it looked like Sheen had a medical condition, or might be on the verge of self-destruct. Currently the Sheen phenomenon is now mostly on Twitter, where he posts from time to time, this tour, and people’s reports on the tour. After that, likely this will all go away.

Do you want Charlie Sheen back on “Two and a Half Men”?