Will Ferrell has talked about being in an all-Spanish Language film, but it was hard to know if he was doing a favor, or what exactly it would be. With the trailer for Casa de mi Padre (in English, “House of My Father”), it’s entirely a Will Ferrell movie. Also starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, it appears to be a take on the florid styles of Spanish soap operas, but done as a comedy. Take a look at the trailer…

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This looks bananas. In many ways it reminds of what Danny McBride and company did with Your Highness, but played more for laughs. It’s produced by Will Ferrell’s company, and is directed by Matt Piedmont, who’s mostly done television work previous, and wrote for Ferrell during his time on “Saturday Night Live.”

This doesn’t appear to have a big studio attached at the moment, and that may have to do with the majority of the film being in Spanish. It would likely be just as funny if the film was dubbed by the actors back into English, but that joke may be too weird for those who just want to see Ferrell act silly. And – sadly – the Spanish language may be a barrier for some to enjoy what looks to be delicious absurdity.Regardless, we’ll be following this film.

Does this trailer make you laugh?