You can say this for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer , it bears no resemblance to the last attempt to relaunch the Planet of the Apes franchise. This one suggests no connection to the other films in a good way. Rupert Wyatt’s film is a revamp of the fourth film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes without the time travel, and instead has scientists led by James Franco making super-smart apes that then turn on the human populace. The film opens August 5. Check out the trailer…

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We see glimpses of the cast, including Frieda Pinto as the good human, Tom Felton as someone being threatened, and Brian Cox as the old guy who knew it all. What we also see – in fleeting glimpses – is monkey destruction.

The type of film this most reminds of is a zombie picture, where the world gets turned upside down by a contagion. That’s a good model for this film as long as it can mix the heady ideas that made the original films so much fun to chew on.

The flip side is this could be something more in the Roland Emmerich wheel-house of rampant destruction. Either way it could be fun if it has the right amount of thrills.  Though I think there’s was a missed opportunity not working in The Rolling Stones song “Monkey Man.” Perhaps Martin Scorsese has a patent on it.

Are you a monkey… man?