Post-Twilight: New Moon, Taylor Lautner became viable as a leading man. He was mentioned for everything, he was the default setting for casting “wants.”  Well, the John Singleton film Abduction is going to be his make or break outside of the Twilight franchise. Lautner stars as a teen who feels disconnected from his peers when a ladyfriend suggests he may be a kidnap victim. But then a greater conspiracy is revealed. The film comes out September 23. Check out the trailer…

The one thing this movie’s going to have to show is if Lautner can act. He looks convincing leaping over things and the action elements, but in the trailer he has all the resolve and charisma of a Tickle Me Elmo. Being good looking only gets you so far on the big screen. To help out the cast is loaded with ringers, including Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, and Maria Bello, which should help some. Lily Collins is the female lead, it’s unknown what she can bring to this table.

John Singleton went from Oscar nominee to schlock auteur, and the change fits him. He can do dumb action well enough. The September release date seems to suggest the film is a pile. We’ll know soon enough.

Do you find Taylor Lautner dreamy?