How’s this for meta: according to Cinema Blend, Dexter creator James Manos Jr is set to direct his feature film debut, a film based on his own script called Love, Scotch and Death—which was originally called The Slow And Complete Decompensation of Jim Manos.  So Dexter creator Jim Manos has written and directed a film about… Jim Manos.

Not only that, but he’s gathered together some stellar talent for the flick: Dexter lead hotshot/ serial killer Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga will costar in the film together.  The film tells the story of Jim Manos during a very strange and disturbing week:

“After returning from a stressful vacation, he discovers his parents have died of natural causes together in bed, which forces him to navigate his way past an unsympathetic funeral director, his bewildered children and manic wife, an eccentric priest and some over-sexed neighbors. There is also an arrest for assault and the death of his wife’s beloved dog.”

So it basically sounds like a weird take on Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation—the writer of the film is a character in the film—and Dexter hasn’t exactly been great television since whenever it was that Jimmy Smits showed up on the series and started offing people, but hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

What do you think about the Love, Scotch And Death news?