OK, so imagine this film: two Americans—one is a journalist, and the other is retired soldier—who join forces to rescue a kidnapping victim in Afghanistan.  And Zack Snyder came up with it.  And 300 screenwriter Kurt Johnstad wrote it.   And the Christian Bale would play the reporter “who witnesses and is the only survivor of an attack on a group of Americans.”  And Sean Penn now may play a retired Special Ops soldier who “comes to the scene determined to free a family member who has been kidnapped.”  Translation: the most intense film ever made.

/Film has it that the film, The Last Photograph, kicks off when “the journalist agrees to help identify the kidnappers and travel the rough terrain to find them, in exchange for the story. The road brings them in confrontation with tribal regions of Afghanistan, and none of the diplomats will help.”

Oh, and if that isn’t intense enough, the director of the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Niels Arden Oplev, is set to direct.  Expect whole audiences’ heads to explode, Scanners-style, around the half-hour mark of The Last Photograph, when the fifteenth screaming match in the film between Christian Bale and Sean Penn proves simply to be to insanely intense for human eyes to handle.

What do you think of The Last Photograph?