It’s a old school/new school horror sequel versus a family friendly 3-D kids film in the race to get the top slot this weekend. Will Wes Craven’s late-in-the-game sequel be able to relive its franchise’s former box office glory, or will it get trumped by the latest of a long line of animated kids films? Check out what we think below…

Scream 4 hopes to murder the competition this weekend, though it’s been over a decade since the last Scream scared audiences. Much has changed in the horror landscape. It raises two questions about its box office potential: Will nostalgia drive older fans to catch the return of David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Courtney Cox? And will a younger generation have any interest when they’ve been raised on horror remakes and endless Scream rip-offs?  Scream 4 should see a healthy amount of old school fans ready to take a trip down memory lane, while newer audiences could be lured in by a fresh-faced cast featuring Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts. In all, Scream 4 should scare its way too to the top this weekend, but it’s got a rocky road ahead.

As for Rio - with the exception of recent mega-flop Mars Needs Moms – kid-oriented films voiced by big-name stars have been the most successful films of the year, with Rango, Gnomeo & Juliet and the over-performing Hop dominating the market. This weekend should be no different as the Anne Hathaway and Tracy Morgan-voiced film enters theaters. Rio has had months of endless promotion and trailers, while Russell Brand fatigue should make Rio fresh enough to slide into the # 2 spot .

With the direct competition from fellow kid-flick Rio, Russell Brand’s film Hop will slide to the number 3 spot. Meanwhile, the poor opening of Russell Brand’s other movie Arthur is a clear indicator that movie audiences prefer him in smaller, supporting doses.

Both Hanna and Soul Surfer‘s box office was beyond exceptions last weekend.  Soul Surfer scored a success with the Christian demographic and received an A- from Cinemascore, while Hanna had a solid opening and got mostly positive reviews. The battle between the two will be neck and neck, but Soul Surfer should narrowly win the #4 slot, with Hanna at #5.

The Top 10 Box Office Predictions…..

  1. Scream 4: Our Prediction: $32-38M Opening Weekend Box Office
  2. Rio: Our Prediction:$ 30-36M Opening Weekend Box Office
  3. Hop: Our Prediction: $12M Box Office Weekend
  4. Soul Surfer: Our Prediction:$7-7.5M Weekend Box Office
  5. Hanna: Our Prediction: $6-7M Weekend Box Office
  6. Arthur: Our Prediction: $6M Weekend Box Office
  7. Insidious: Our Prediction: $5.5M Weekend Box Office
  8. Source Code: Our Prediction: $5M Weekend Box Office
  9. Your Highness: Our Prediction: $4M Weekend Box Office
  10. Limitless: Our Prediction: $3.5M Weekend Box Office