The WWE has explored turning many of it’s performers into movie stars, but it seems on Dwayne Johnson has made any kind of foothold in that regard. But the WWE has a film division, and it seems they have diversified their approach. Michael Pavone’s That’s What I Am stars Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, and seems to shoe-horn in Randy Orton to strengthen its WWE bond. The film comes out April 29, take a look at the trailer…

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Set in 1965, the film sets up first love, and the understanding of an outsider. For this film it’s a tall redhead, which is weird because it’s set in the mid sixties, and you would think they’d go with race. But they may also be going with sexuality, as the trailer suggests that Ed Harris’s character is in trouble for something.

This though doesn’t look to be Proof, or anything like that. It looks to be a genial period coming of age story, with a chaste but exciting love story between two kids and all that.

It’s just so weird that this is what the WWE is pursuing for the big screen. Perhaps it will give an insight into the wrestler’s worldview. What’s interesting is that it’s Ed Harris and his wife Amy Madigan who star in the movie. Harris is a great actor, but he’s also not above taking a paycheck. It’s curious.

Would you see something like this without the threat of a headlock?