Starting at 2:30 PST, Weta will be live streaming a presentation on the new film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. They will be addressing questions asked on the facebook page, and should be showing footage. You can also watch on their Facebook page, but there’s an embed below. Check it out…

Obviously we’re at the beginning of the explosion of new Apes info, and we’ll be tracking everything we can here for the August 5 picture. Currently little is known about the production, but the Fox onslaught has started this week, and the embargo lifts on the set visit tomorrow (for other sites) and the week should end with the film’s theatrical trailer.

Though the last Apes film was a miss, the franchise still holds great fascination and up through the fourth film (the fifth is pretty cheap and not so great to boot) it’s probably the most heady Science Fiction franchise to hit screens. All done (at the time) under the appearance of being kids films, so they’re slightly subversive to boot.

We’ll be checking this out, and hopefully so will you. As we’ve said previously, this appears to be a remake of the fourth film in the original franchise, where the Apes managed to take over Century City (and then eventually the world). If you’ve ever come to Los Angeles, the setting for that film was the front of the Fox lot.

Are you excited for the damn dirty Apes?